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A New Dream

I used to think that nothing could make me happier than to see my first book published.  But as I've gotten closer to this dream coming true, I found something that would make me happier.  To see all animals treated humanely and with respect.  As I waited for the publisher to send my first round of edits, I did a lot of research on the species I used for this story – the wolf.  What I learned struck a chord in my heart.  There is still a lot of hatred for this species across our country.  Some states allow them to be trapped and hunted for sport.  I don’t understand this, and I never will.  So as I get closer to releasing my story, I have a new dream.  It’s not just that readers will enjoy this story, but it’s the hope that this story will create awareness for this amazing species.  The wolf in the story is truly how I envision a wolf in the wild.  Intelligent, loyal, and protective.  He captured my imagination, and I hope he will capture yours as well!

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February 16, 2015