All her life, Gracyn Pierce believed in what she could see and touch. But after learning she is part of a supernatural world, she knows things are about to change.

Gracyn has no idea what lies ahead. She’s nervous about her future, not sure she’ll go to college one day as she hopes. In spite of the powers that have awakened inside her, she moves on as though everything is normal, studying hard and spending time with her boyfriend, Alex. She finds comfort in knowing there are others like her, particularly Lucian, the neighbor suspected of murdering his sister. As an unexpected bond forms between them, she begins to believe he couldn’t possibly have committed such a horrific crime.

When Gracyn unknowingly releases an evil presence, birds turn up dead and hallucinations torment her. Then danger strikes, threatening her friend, Celeste. Gracyn does everything she can to help, but nothing prepares her for the shocking secrets exposed in the race against time to save Celeste.

An excerpt from Gypsy Souls:

The birds were back, but this time, a voice whispered in the wind, calling my name…

Fear lodged itself in my throat, and I froze, remembering the birds I had seen in the woods the day I'd gotten lost. Just like then, they swarmed together, forming a ceiling of black overhead and crying out as they dodged each other.

“Okay, Gracyn!” Lucian called from below. “Come on down. Just take it slowly.”

Grateful to have something other than the birds to focus on, I eased down the side of the rock, searching for a foothold. Finding one, I balanced on my right foot and felt around for another with my left foot. As soon as I propped the toe of my boot on a narrow ledge, a gust of wind swept through the air. I ignored it at first until a muffled whisper rose above the breeze.

“Gracyn. Come to me. I need your help.”

The haunting voice faded quickly, and I stopped, not sure if it had been real or a figment of my imagination. Staring up at the sky, or what little I could see of it beyond the birds, I shivered. Then I heard the voice again. “Gracyn. I’ve waited an eternity for you,” a woman said.

Trembling, I lowered myself, eager to get away from the eerie whispers. But my foot slid, and I lost my balance. I felt myself falling and reached for the rock on my way down, but I wasn't fast enough to catch myself on one of the narrow ledges.

Panic gripped me in that split second. I expected a hard impact and hoped I would walk away in one piece. Throwing my arms up around my head, I screamed. A moment later, I landed on my feet when a pair of strong arms wrapped around my waist. Lucian steadied me against his chest, and I reached up, grabbing his shoulders as I came to a stop, his solid touch pitching my thoughts into a whirlwind.